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[ App Not Available In Your Country ] Solution - Download Android App | Add App To Your Account Without Downloading

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I will tell Solutions to 2 Problems Here

If you are running low on memory , but there is an android app available for free
which you want but you don’t want to delete existing data , don’t worry…
you don’t need to download the app straight away to use it in future..
You Just need to add it to your Google account.

  1. Open Chrome Browser
  2. Login into Gmail with the same google account which you have logged into Google Playstore in your mobile
  3. Click On Install Button
  4. Select the Device You are prompted to selected in the new Dialog Box
  5. That’s it you have successfully Added the app to your account for FREE without even Downloading it

There are many apps which impose Geographical restrictions to download Android App,
So follow the below steps to download such apps

  1. First Requirement Is You Must have a Fresh Google Account for this to work,
    If you have downloaded even a single app from your present account previously , it just wont work.
  2. Download any Free VPN App (For Mobile) or Extension (For Browser).
  3. Login Into your newly created fresh google account through your PC browser or android mobile
  4. Change the VPN connection to USA Server.
  5. Go the the app you wanted to download
  6. Install the app to your device or Add it to your Google Account , Voila you just got yourself a new android App.
  7. To use the downloaded App on multiple devices, create backup of the App.

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You don’t actually need to download the game to own it. Just install and immediately cancel, it’ll get added to your account.
From Playstore itself.

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