are we allowed to bring appliances in aeroplane ?

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Are we allowed to carry
Appliances like mi air purifier, mi robot vacuum cleaner on an aeroplane ?
From China to India.
Consider purchasing in China.
If we show bills, it will not get under custom duties right ?! Or are we supposed to pay extra to Indian government ?
Seeing prices sold in India, I feel better to fly China and buy and come.

Also cabin/check in luggage ?
Any personal experiences ???? From any country… (iPhone from UAE recent I came to know)

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Definitely not in cabin baggage. Other than officially allowed limit mentioned earlier, you can consider bringing in check-in but packed alongside clothes. Do not include the cardboard box and other packaging that comes along with. In case they flag your luggage during customs check, you can mention that you bought these for personal use. I brought small items (drone, pocket sized) and other electronic spares and it didn’t raise any flags. You can try your luck.