Arrival Lounge at Bengaluru T1

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Hi Folks!!
I would like to know if there is Arrival lounge at Bengaluru airport - T1 terminal. I had to wait for my friends for around 3-4 after arrival of the flight and will be visiting Mysore (by road/by train) after that.



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Hi.. would like to know if my milkman will deliver milk tomorrow or not. 

Oh wait, I can't Google but guess what, you can Google your query.

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Got it thanks!.

I'm first time flier btw and mind me if this is a newbie question.

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@jacksparow I'll like to inform you that lounge privilege can only be availed at departures post your frisking and not at any arrivals. Hope this clarifies. pray sunglasses raised_hands

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Thank you for the clarification @MrKool_JJ

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My pleasure grin
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