Asking for Thriller Movie Recommendations

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Hi dimers,
Pls suggest few mystery/suspense thriller movies/series, either in Hindi or dubbed in Hindi, watchable with family.
Example, Forensic, Blurr, Anjaam Pathira, Inspector Rishi, Raatchasan, agent Sai Athreya, Badla, Jaane Jaan, Teen, 13B  etc
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Benevolent Benevolent
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psycho - Alfred Hitchcock s. Classic black n white

Shutter island

Gami - latest Telugu movie

Comrade Comrade
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404: Error not found (2011).

Rememory (2017).

Mr Nobody (2009).

In the Shadow of the Moon (2019).

Stay (2005).

Pro Community Angel Pro Community Angel
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If you are looking for Hindi / hindi dubbed Indian movie then probably you have already watch all the good ones. You would need to explore outside Indian movies. Or south indian movies but some of them are not available with Hindi dubbing. 

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Yes bro,i got your point.
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