Audio bugs removal from Android phone and car and home

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Someone is being spied so please let me know how can remove those audio bugs and spyware from home, car and Android devices 

Audio calls are recorded automatically and going to somewhere else but mobile says no calls is being recorded 

S20 samsung mobile 

Any help will be appreciated 

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did u try visiting samsung care. they might know where it is going. or try hard reset the device

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Process explorer app will let you see the hidden process 

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divorce lawyers!!!
and of-course ill-advising relatives and family!!
(directly or indirectly) they give private investigators a lot of business.
not to mention all the ancillary 'industry' of spyqare gadgets, technologies, services, softwares, data mining-analysis and so on!

i wonder if it is one spouse/relative on another or maybe one professional relation over another (employer/hiring party snooping on staffer, doctor snooping on patient, patient hiring someone to snoop on doctor/ CA/ lawyer).

i mean it us lot of effort and needs resources, craftiness to get such access to all things like bedroom/home, personal vehicles and even the personal device.

someone close or close-by are in cahoots or directly involved.,(domestic staff, others with access to these places or immediate family too.)

or if it is something bigger, then some national or foreign governments or THEIR secret service agencies.
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hopefully (the person/s being spied on) is/are not in possession of the (allegedly secret) formula of Coca-Cola, some ☢️'codes'💣 which only Kim Jong Un was supposed to know, the secrets behind the (historical) abnormal rise in the fortunes of Temple Enterprise Private Limited or some such things.
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Easiest solution is simply reset mobile. 

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