Awesome App to Get Mouse Toggle on Android TV

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Guys... I am very happy. Because I found a good mouse toggle app for my Mi box 4k... It's very easy to use. Works great... Many times I thought it would be great to have a mouse toggle app like this. So happy to have found an amazing mouse toggle app that lives up to my expectations! May god bless the developer who developed this…

The name of this mouse toggle app is "matvt". It takes a while to install and configure and learn how to use it, but after that it's pretty easy to use.

Aren't there many apps like Zank Remote in playstore to get mouse toggle on Android TV... You may doubt that what are the unique advantages of using it compared to them. But if we look at it there is a lot of difference between the apps in playstore and matvt app.

The main disadvantage of remote apps like Zank Remote is that... to use mouse toggle, we need to set up our smartphone and TV to be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection every time and control the mouse cursor through the smartphone. Cannot operate the mouse cursor with the TV's remote.

Apart from that, enabling the mouse cursor requires enabling the USB debugging feature in the developer option of the TV. But enabling that option will stop the USB ports from working. Hence, there is the inconvenience of disabling USB debugging again to get the connected pendrives back into use. For that reason I stopped using remote apps like Zank Remote a long time ago.

So, Just like in the early days of buying the Mi Box 4K, I attached a wired mouse to it again and started using it.

But today, I unexpectly came to know about matvt app... I was quite surprised to notice that with the help of matvt app it is possible to control the mouse cursor through the bluetooth remote. and, not even need to enable USB debugging for the mouse cursor to be enabled!

Glad to inform you too about this awesome Matvt App... a must try app for every smart tv user. For more details :

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