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Axis Ace Card closed


Havent been using the ace card much since getting the SBI Cashback card few months back. Anniversary was coming up and had to pay yearly charges, so sent email to axis support and they closed without even trying to do retention. I guess with so many cards in their portfolio, they dont have much time to call people to stay. They would rather spend time processing fresh new applications.

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590 is not a big amount to pay for this card.

Benevolent Benevolent
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Axis is better than SBI, u should have retained Ace card, SBI may take U turn any day

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Firestorm Firestorm
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BilluTheDimer wrote:
It's not a rumour. Soon it will be for all users. I have just got my Ace card and its not even working on first bill payment. grimacing

If its newly added card then you cannot do more than 5k / 10k plus worth of txn at 1st time within 24hr. That also happened to me.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Seinfeld wrote:

I pay bills via amazon (even electricity). 
Sbi cb card (7%)
Infinia (15%, after processing fees, I do use my points on 1=1 values)

As long as any of the above lasts, not sure why I would have used Ace for electricity.

As you said maybe good for commercial usages. Good for them.

How bill pay 7% bro?

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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raj_all wrote:

How bill pay 7% bro?

That comment was when SBI was running 2% extra on their gyftr platform for AGV.
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