AXIS BANK Auto Migrate to Basic Savings Account?

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Fellow Dimers,

Today I got the message that: “In case of nil average balance for 2 consecutive months, your existing Saving account shall be auto migrated to Basic Savings A/c.”

Did anyone get this message? have anyone been migrated to basic saving account here without any AMB charges levied? I’ve decided to close my AXIS account in this month after I settled few issues with them but if it is converted to zero balance basic account then I’ll let it be. My only concern is what if I withdrawal all amount from my account and make it nil for 2 months and they levy AMB charges? This is chor bank so you can’t say anything about them. Visiting branch and asking them is no help as most of them are ignorant and don’t want to help customers. Please advise dimers ?

PS: I’ve Easy Access (SBEZY) Saving account and ATM-only card. :smile:

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Perfectionist Perfectionist
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Got message even though balance is much higher

Kolkata Knight Riders Kolkata Knight Riders
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avgn wrote:

Got message even though balance is much higher

Same here.

As far as I know the AMB should be 10k in Easy Access (SBEZY) Savings account.

Punjab Kings Punjab Kings
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I also received same message

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Maybe it’s a trap? They want me to make balance nil and then levy AMB charges. I will go ahead and close the account then.

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