Axis Bank CC kyc issue

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From paisabazar I was offered Indusind bank CC LTF via a call ( u know how they pester you) but my location was not serviceable so I refused so he told me about axis Neo rupay I accepted that. So he applied and sent me a axis kyc link which did not go though due to some technical error (agent didn't connect after 10 min) . So he told me axis will do a physical verification later. 

Few days later axis agent calls in and shared another link ( this time its agent connected and he asked for Village/Town/City name which I said but he rejected the KYC. Later I found that aadhar/pan data that they fetch has my district as City name and my actual town name isn't there at all. I told this to axis agent who shared the KYC link he said he would check it out but wanted to sell my axis savings account (I hold account with axis between 2014-2021) so I refused. His logic was that I will get my kyc done for savings account and then he can complete the axis cc kyc from there.

Anyone experienced this. How do they proceed with kyc , the application is still under process for 15 days now

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I have summarised my experience with Axis here. You choose to take the same route and contact the nodal officer


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Well that was a bumpy ride. 😄 but u got it at the end. They told me it's a pre-approved card , just I need to do kyc. I will just forget it. The card isn't necessary at all.

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They are just trying to sell you something or other to reach there target. Unless you are in desperate need for any particular card don't open any saving account/ fd.

A big time no to ulip / sip investment for any card

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I closed my axis account 2 years ago because in the period of 5 Years I held the axis account with mab of 30k-40k I wasn't given anything rewarding and branch too was in another city. And I was fed up with useless fee and charges.

I won't open any account or accept any calls from axis . 

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