Axis Bank Digital Savings Account - how quick?

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I see the following mentioned against Axis bank’s Digital Savings Accounts like Easy Access, PRIME, etc.
“Instant virtual Debit Card on account opening.”
“Get an E-Debit Card the instant you open an account and get the Online Rewards Debit Card delivered to your doorstep.”

How long does it actually take to create a digital savings account?
Is it quicker if one goes to a branch and opens the digital account?
How soon does one get to use the E-Debit card?

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read another post where dimer struggled for 2 days, so don’t trust Axis its worst bank after covid times

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Spoke with customer care.
It takes minimum 2 working days to 7 working days to get the E-Debit card. Essentially there is no difference in the time to create a normal savings account and digital savings account except that you get an E-Debit card in digital savings account which is somewhat quicker than receiving a physical card sent by courier. So much so in the name of digitalization.

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And 5% cashback on Amazon is affiliate based…

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Simbha3 wrote:

And 5% cashback on Amazon is affiliate based…

Meaning only if the shopping site was opened from within axis bank site? If so, it would have the all the issues that come with tracking.