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i have applied for axis Flipkart credit card after few days kyc has been done. After few days got this message

Thank you for applying Axis Bank Credit Card. Your Application Xxxxxxxxx is being reviewed. Kindly expect an update within 5 – 7 working days.

same when I checked the status of the application through below link

Axis credit card application check

The status showed as declined*

But today when I checked through the same link. It’s showing as IN PROCESS



Finally my Flipkart axis credit card has been approved with limit of  30000

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axis banks credit card processing stages are as follows

New > Declined > Inprocess > Final Decision toungueout

ps:- Just joking , check the hot deal thread this is the case with most no need to worry you will get exact status soon and ideally will be approved

Axis team wants to give away as many cards possible thats why lTF

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Lol this link finally started working 😂. Earlier, only option was by contacting customer care. The website was always down.

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Axis is a special player and operates on a different level. As a privileged customer, Better get used to their terms and system and policies.

In my case, I got my axis card delivered within a week with zero intimations. And the very next day, I was bombarded with their mails and messages all at a time.
Subject of those multiple mails is " Your card is shipped, Track your card here, Your card delivered,"

So Don’t worry and follow the main axis thread to be familiar with their state of the art technology and procedures.

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axis got bad custmoer care why u want to go axis

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