AXIs cc bill payment query - in case of refund


I bought a thing on axis cc for 40k but it got refunded after billing date.

now should i pay 40k and then claim refund ??

or should i pay only minimum amount ?

or should i pay nothing as full due amount has been refunded? 

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In my experience, the minimum due amount is always expected, even if you get a full refund, so I would say make sure to pay that atleast. On top of that, if your card limit usage is back to 0, or even negative due to excess payment, no other payment should be necessary.
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pay full 40k the bill amount else it may cause issues as refund is not payment.  Then write to axis cc for refund of 40k in bank account as your balance is credit balance now.

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No need to even write if holding an axis account too. 

Make the full payment and wait for 10 days after next bill generation, the excess amount will automatically get refunded to axis account. If no axis account, can follow what @arko1983650 advised.  

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