Axis Issuing LTF Credit Cards with Salaried Account ?

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I came to know that Axis is issuing Select and Privilege Credit cards on LTF basis with premium Salary accounts. 

Can anyone confirm if the card remains LTF even after account closure or downgrade after a year or 2. 

if not Comfortable telling openly please DM me 😜

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Generous Generous
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AFAIK apart from ace card the rest are junk

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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As soon as it is moved out of salary account to normal account. it will be made as anual fee one.

Axis is the worst one in providing LTF options

Critic Critic
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Expecting axis bank to do something more than what is mentioned in T&C is hopeless. If they can downgrade a salary acc for not receiving salary from a corp/business acc for more than 2 months then what made you think they will continue to keep the card ltf issued on the basis of salary acc. smile

Cool Cool
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I have opened a salary account with ICICI they initially gave a 30k limit of credit card within 6 months it's 1.3 l and after a year it's 4.5 l. So in a similar way I have made my Axis as a salary account for almost 6 months. It was 49k limit initially and still it's the same. Worst bank. They will loot as much as possible from you. So stay away from them in savings or salary account

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