Baba Amte's grand daughter Dr Sheetal Amte-karajgi dies by suicide

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The granddaughter of the late Baba Amte and a senior social worker Dr Sheetal Amte-karajgi died by suicide on Monday.

Sheetal Amte-karajgi, the CEO of Maharogi Sewa Samiti (Leprosy Services Committee) at Warora reportedly ended her life by taking poison at her residence in Anandvan.

She was rushed to the hospital, however, doctors declared her dead.

Sheetal, daughter of social worker Dr Vikas Amte, was reportedly under stress for the last few days.

According to Maharashtra Times, a few days ago, she had made serious allegations about the work, trustees, and activists of the leprosy service committee in Anandvan through a Facebook Live.

Within two hours, the Facebook Live was deleted. After this Facebook live, there was a lot of discussions. Later, a statement issued by the Amte family refuted the allegations.

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