Bad Behavior

Bad Behavior

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First I will tell stop using flipkart now see this👉One Delivery boy came to pick up my phone for the exchange of some other phone.He called me and told that remove your mail I’d or reset it before I reach then I told why first you check it then I will do and when he reach he told that I don’t have time I told to remove now I will fail your product he was threatening me.I just control my self and then ask him to go away then I complain about this behavior on customer care no. But as usual they replied “thank you for you feedback we will definitely take action but no action has been taken till now”.

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Yes same thing happened to me during grocery order in flipkart.
Initially i was available during schedule period later i got a work.. so i called the delivery man and ask him to come on next schedule or the next day (called before schedule time itself) He said ok and calling me during scheduled time and saying house is locked rolleyes hushed
I convinced him again over the call and asked him to come on the next day, he simply said ok and cancelled my Entire order rage cry
CC is not good and i got my refund for cancelled item. From that issue im not ordering any groceries in flipkart !

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Same happened with me with Flipkart and Amazon both.
Amazon customer care support clearly said that delivery agent are local boy so even if we terminate them , there is no grantee that we will get good delivery agent because they don’t care about job.

My issue with Amazon delivery agent was trying to deliver opened box phone and i refused that. and after few days, continuously 8 time same delivery agent cancelled pick-up of one of my defective phone. so at last Amazon arranged pick-up from other address.

At last Amazon senior executive said that Delivery agents have create union in this area, so on terminating or taking strict action, they all will stop delivery stuck_out_tongue laughing

so such delivery boy goes and come from Flipkart to Amazon or Amazon to Flipkart.
Common man can’t expect good service in India.
Just one indecent enough to make stop one thinking to buy thing online.