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The discussions range from andi to aeroplane. We come to know so and so dimer has no andis and looking for comfortable ones. So and so married looking for crockery and cookers. So and so changing car or buying new one. Someones friend has love problem while some have job problem. Some has private parts mein khujli, while some have rashes while having dental issues  some have communial agenda while some blame others having it. 

some save 90% of income in a month while some could not save even rs.90.

some come in groups with secular face while some attack with right agenda. Some down vote as with reasons like fraud seller for discussion too. smile 

Indulging in social platforms is real mess . 

but i wanted to try once here. I never use any other platform except twitter to get my problems resolved or escalate.

Its a mixed feeling and i see cruel side and soft side of people. I see people with no humanity and see with humanity. Everything just with what they type.

some change our thoughtprocess while some try to force. Some try to threaten you with bans while some support.

some try to counter you with google or sections and some say to look beyond rule books and share experiences.

* It will be awesome if we dont make it part of life, if we make it 😉 it eats your quality life*

finally 🥳🤏✌🙏🙏

No no its not adieu to DD but just another share.

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Hmmm.. Abhivyakti ki Azaadi on DD is a plus+

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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saucap wrote:

Hmmm.. Abhivyakti ki Azaadi on DD is a plus+

i sometimes feel the dd in DD is like train journey with season ticket. You see all there as well, regularly.

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Same since 10+ years smile

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