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Few days ago I placed an order in BB daily with Hardin sasta items and some discounted items..

After placing the order I noticed all items price changed to regular price..I never noticed this thing till now.. just blindly believing as this the TATA enterprise..

After noticing this issue I asked through chat, they said wait till you receive the order, if they reach you at discounted price its will be fine..if they were charged more , we refund the excess amount, but when I received the order all the items charged excess not the discounted price..So I complained then they were asking the screenshot of the discounted prices of all chance I kept some items screenshots I got those items refund but not for all items

Please check the price of the products not only while placing the order but also after placing the order..we often tend to neglect/busy while placing order of vegetables..


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Yes I faced lot of times, even sometimes charged twice for same order. And they claim its correct. Bullsht
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Ye SS ka issue toh mere saath rapido mei hua tha....ride book karte samai kuch price tha aur ride end hone ke baad rate bada se puch liye toh ss pucha....mere pas nhi hei obviously...refund nhi mile disappointed...upar se next time se ss Lena mat bhulna bole🥲

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