Hot Deal Be Aware of New Google Pay QR Code Scam!


Hey guys,

So there is a new scam related to Google Pay QR Code going on to dupe individuals and particularly small businesses…. Letting you guys know as many people have lately been fallen victims to the trick.

1) You receive a message on Whatsapp or call for enquiry of some services you sell.

2) The Fraudster asks you if you accept payments via Google Pay or not…. If you mention other wallets like Paytm or PhonePe, the Fraudster insists on only using Google Pay… (“Something is Fishy! Warning 1”)

3) You send your UPI ID to the Fraudster… He insists on sharing QR Code (“Something is Fishy! Warning 2”)

4) You share the QR code…

5) Now after an hour or 2 or during business hours, the person calls you… (He/she calls during Office/business hours) Saying i am transferring the amount to your account… He asks you to stay on phone line and tries to help you… (saying go under all transactions, click pay etc… )

6) You also Receive a message in Google Pay about transfer amount and guess what it reads “Receive Money”

Here’s the trick… The fraudster is using Note feature of Google Pay to write the trick words “Receive Money”…. Google has given that option to give the context of the transaction… But notice the amount reads -5100 (Easy to miss on a Call or busy schedule)

7) After you tap on transaction, you are presented with this screen…. The fraudster asks you to enter your pin so you get the money immediately in your bank account…. However, if you are alert enough on the phone, you might notice that you are actually paying Google clearly shows the user icons etc… but Google should make this More and More obvious

The fraudster asks you to stay on the call…. since he/she knows that while keeping you busy, it would be easier to scam you with the text “Receive Money”

Google do send you SMS which is more obvious but remember you are on the Call…..

I hope Google Pay makes it super-obvious to the person entering the PIN with alert message like “Your account will be debited with Rs. 5100” prompt message….

Be careful guys…. The fraudsters are trying new tricks to get your hard-earned money

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Bro mere sath esa hua h aaj
Mene aaj UPI ID and QRCode send kiya
And usne 4500 nikaal liye
Pls help


Just now got a similar call from a guy called Shubhash +91 88764 17279 … thankfully ur post helped

TechnoFrendz wrote:

Bhai Hum Indian Log Itne BHIM UPI Friendly Nhi Hai, Forget Banks, There Are Many Things On Mobile Which Are Still Are Unknown To Many Which Is Simple And Easy For Few.

I Got First Experience In My Neighborhood Where That Uncle Was Unable To Understand How He Will Get On With Net Banking And Also Activate BHIM UPI In Paytm Account(Which Is Very Common To Few) .

When Someone Is Unknown To Such Things And Upon That Someone Is Misguiding You Over The Phone Then Unknowns Will Follow Their Instructions And Loose Money. pensive

But You See As Technology Is Getting Advanced, Even Fraudsters Finding New Ways To Con People. Previously They Used To Call Saying ATM Expiry And What Not Stuff And This UPI Thing Has Started…..And There Will More To Come.

All We Can Do Is Educated Those Who Are Unaware About It And PREVENT As Much We Can.

Suppose someone is new to UPI with the help of friends & is attracted towards cashback can become victim initially . But after few uses gradually it is clear. Day by day as per situation/ instances these fraudsters invent tricks. Ex. During aadhaar KYC for banks or EMV chip cards replacements I have received so many calls . But never believed them. only you are to be held responsible if you are doing as they say without knowing facts. Think & act accordingly


21k . I got duped. Bhenchod itna gussa aa ra naa.. bahot jyada.