Be careful with Amazon offers now

Deal Cadet

Amazon is becoming clever day by day.. Earlier there used to be many offers for every category but now very few user specifc offers and that too with modified terms and conditions.

One has to read each and every line of offer terms, otherwise you will end up in surprise.

For example Uber offer.. Earlier( till nov 2019) non prime and prime user tends to get 50 percent upto 100 and 120 cashback offer respectively and  that too 3 times per user in a month.

Then in Dec 2019 they modified the terms and added valid on 1st,3rd and 5th uber ride. And now in Jan 2020, they again modified and it is for 1st ever transaction on uber with Amazon pay. For those who have already used Amazon payment option earlier on uber, will get 30 percent upto 75 only.

Be careful!!!

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Yes I had collected 50% upto 100 and they applied directly 30% upto 75 sweat

Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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PayTM banta ja raha hai Amazon… Don’t see any useful offer to collect this month… evil

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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50% thing was just an introductory offer. you expect them to give the offer for ever? rolleyes

Pro Shopping Friend Pro Shopping Friend
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There is nothing worth calling offer now – Rs50 or 100 between so many ifs and buts
Ordered an item worth 650/- and seller called it back due to damage in transit. Rs100CB was credited after shipping and Rs550 refunded to Bank(UPI)
CC says I got the CB as per the offer stuck_out_tongue I could not convince her and finally left that offer – so dumb is Amazon CC in fact not dumb but clever

Pro Shopping Friend Pro Shopping Friend
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Uber never accepts payment option other than cash for me

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Ash-D wrote:

Uber never accepts payment option other than cash for me

Driver logo ka jhumla hota hai yeh bhai.