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I recently paid for my Netflix subscription using Axis Bank Flipkart credit card and they didn't give any cashback.

I raised a complaint with them and they told me it's a utility bill payment.

1. Do you get reward points/ cashback on Netflix subscription payment?

2. If yes, which card is the best for Netflix payment?
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Was it a standing instruction or direct payment ?

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2. Axis Ace provides 2% cash back on Netflix SI.

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Shivam11 wrote:

Standing Instruction

SBI cashback card rewards 1% but 5% for direct payment. So I guess this is same for other cards too i. e., Standing instructions are considered as utilities.

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@Shivam11 It seems SBI CashBack card stopped giving rewards to digital subscriptions. Few days ago I renewed Zee5 and I didn't get any cashback. 😳

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