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Which will be the best credit cards for the following : 
1. Mobile Recharge - 15000 / Yearly
2. OTT Premium Subscription - 7000 / Yearly
3. Insurance Premium (Term Life Insurance + Health Insurance + NPS) - 150000 / Yearly
4. Online Shopping - 50000 / Yearly
5. Travelling (Flights + Trains) - 80000 / Yearly

Please help me out with this.

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Go for Stanc Ultimate or Amex MRCC.
Amex comes up with Insurance offers in Last Qrter plus since ur spends are mostly online, so no issues of acceptability and if u structure it well you can earn good reward pts using their rewards multipliers.

DM me if u want amex referral

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Except NPS all other spends, best overall all rounder card is Infinia. But they don’t give to everyone, you should see if you’re eligible.

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