Best lighting on laptop - on top ?

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Hi should the tubelight ideally be over the laptop when working and spreading light or should the tubelight be on backwall?

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If u have a chance, I think better to have 2 tube lights, preferable L shape.

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imo, preferably behind the laptop for 2 reasons:

1. having the light behind laptop avoids the reflection from the screen (even antiglare has some kind of reflection)

2. eyes get a lot of strain if the laptop is only the brightest thing in this front always, hence having another light source is helpful (I had read an article where it was mentioned, will attach it here if i find it; and also, I have felt the difference in strain personally)

bonus point: when on video call, camera gets better light if light falls on us first and for that, the light source should be ideally behind the laptop

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