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Zoneofdeals is an online ecommerce platform of EM Retail Company which is a retail & marketing organization, offering refurbished mobiles, refurbished tablet, refurbished laptops & refurbished desktop pc in india over the past 10 years. Zoneofdeals offers various phones i.e apple iphone, blackberry, sony ericsson, samsung smartphones and nokia keypad mobiles. We offer a simple platform for the consumers to shop for the best offers on purchase of refurbished mobile, refurbished laptops & mobile accessories along with refurbished tablets and refurbished thin client pc.

How to buy from zoneofdeals?

Please visit our website to buy and save money with our wide range of refurbished products.

Support you can expect from the Zoneofdeals

We are providing a total of minimum 3 months seller warranty on our products including refurbished mobiles, refurbished desktop pc, thin client pc, refurbished laptops and refurbished tablets. Also giving a 10 days of replacement policy on our website in case of any technical issues in the product.

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