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We will share good shows n movies those are in Amazon Prime Videos.

Today’s recommendation Spaced.

Spaced stars Simon Pegg, Nick Frost among others n directed by Edgar Wright.
The story involves around adventures of two twenty something people.
No of Seasons = 2, 14 episodes are there.

It has received 100% rating in rotten tomatoes, 8.6/10 in IMDB and 8.9/10 in

It’s considered as one of the finest situational comedy shows. It’s lovely, goofy, mind boggling sometimes.
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The Exorcist Season 1 n 2, total 20 episodes
IMDB 8/10, Rotten tomatoes 89%
This is a spin off from original The Exorcist movie franchise. The story follows adventures of two Exorcists Tomas and Marcus. The episodes are quite phenomenal and spine chilling. On Season 2, Seasoned actor John Cho portrayed a pivotal character.
But since the show failed to attract viewership n Disney’s purchase of 20th century film sealed the fate of the show. The Show ends in a cliffhanger.

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It is a police procedural drama.
Rotten Tomatoes rating 97%
IMDB 8.4/10 8.7/10

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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KGF: Chapter 1.

Stellar blockbuster.

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This is a SciFi, procedural drama series. It spans to 5 seasons and 100 episodes, so buckle up for a wild wild ride.

IMDb 8.4/10, Rotten Tomatoes 90%, 8.9/10