Best way to buy monthly grocery

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Suggest best way to buy monthly groceries

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Best way... Watch out for deals on Desidime ... Offers keep changing wink

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more app give good discount initially , fk grocery gives the best price. bb,jiomart,swiggy instamart etc. all have good deals on some products, buy them using gift voucher to get additional discount.

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Use dmart ready and a kotak bank card

Firstly prices are low on dmart and 7 % discount on every months 1 to 7 date on kotak debit and credit cards

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D-Mart but ensure you make a list of items to be purchased before entering.

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My experience in Bangalore - online shopping only in 2023 -

1) cheapest - starquik, jiomart...

2) Amazon fresh, Flipkart, big basket have some items cheap and others are costly.. and regarding

3) dunzo, swiggy instamart, zepto - purchase only when discount code is greater than 20% and that too very few items..most items are very costly here.

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