Best way to Travel to maldives from hyderabad

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I was looking to book a package for maldives from hyderabad which includes everything food,travel,resort e.t.c

from Which website I can book them cheaper? or is there any alternative way?

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raghupro wrote:

 nothing much you can do in Maldives if you opt for resort island. No need of availing a package. Just book your stay plus transport and you are sorted. 

Thanks for rhe input.

Can you please explain more for first timers in Maldives? Whenever you get time.

Thanks plus1

EDIT : Ignore. Just saw you already explained it. Thanks man.

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Any of the big travel agents, tour operators here can arrange reasonable packages.
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Since we had local friends, ex-colleagues in Maldives who INSISTED we spend few days with them, we couldn't book any packages with Lodging, boarding.
But the travel/ tourism helpdesk of Maldives itself can help get the cheaper flight tickets and for local boarding .. a lot depends on the cluster of islands you want to stay in and if you put up at lux properties or are okay with slight off location or humble properties.

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Frankly, except for the Sharaab, Sharaab, Kebab (Women, Wine , Cuisine/ dishes) the luxury resorts too are the same as the non beach front properties.
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compare package on cred and luxury escapes

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Check agoda. It was offering lowest compared to others & had 10% with hdfc when i booked. Cred also use to have some good deals earlier not sure if they still have now. When they launched they had many deals & were also giving discounts & bonus reward points on certain cards

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Maldives is one destination which you can plan on your own without an agent, this will be lot cheaper.

Decide a date, book resort on agoda/MMT, email the resort , they will arrange the speedboat transfer. Straight forward and hassle free.

For local island/excursion, you can book transfer via

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