Beware: 24hoursloot loots

Deal Newbie

I am just going to talk about my experience with 24hours loot

I have bought a couple of t-shirts from 24hoursloot before. Well, so far the transaction have been smooth, each time a single piece was ordered.

Recently, I had purchased 2 t-shirts, but when I received the package, there was just one of them (shipping charges applies includes for both t-shirts). When I received, the package was intact. So, I assume nothing could have gone wrong post shipment.
I contacted 24 hours loot helpdesk via e-mail (yes, that is a catch, you can only reach them via email and no contact numbers). Its been 2 weeks, followed it up with couple more mails, so far, no response.

Just to take a shot, asked my friend to mail to their helpdesk to check for their response shortly after my mail, he got an immediate reply.

The most disappointing thing is, they have not contacted/replied even once.

If you are looking for any info on quality, what you pay for is what you get.

This review doesn’t allow rating of “0” or not-rating at all, hence the reason I have given “1”

Well, should have learnt something from the name, beware guys.