Beware of amex jewellery purchases

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So standing at Pac Chandra jewellers bought a diamond earrings for my mom & took out amex to pay 118500. 

Lo & behold I enter my pin & transaction is declined. 

Immediately called support & the girl says you need to have POS transactions enabled.

Then she checks & says but I see its already enabled

Places me in hold ten comes back & says sir in first six months you can't make jewellery purchases as it's high risk

When I say where's it written I can't make purchase in first six months she points to 39.2 most important terms & conditions. Amex reserves right to deny all jewellery purchases. 

But where foes it say can't make purchase within first six months?

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This is really so embarrassing
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Yes  another dimer also faced same issue long back and posted here, Amex people are polite but they have very absurd TnC

Recently I closed add-on card(Amex PT Travel) of my bro and wanted to issue same for my sister - both of them live in city where Amex does not issue cards

I was never told that add-on card holder has to live in amex card issuing cities, they declined to issue add-on card but bro's card closed - I argued this is very absurd rule which no bank follows, and when primary card holder is responsible for all dues why should add-on card holder live in Amex city only. Nothing worked.

He sort of hinting me to edit aadhaar and send😄

he was saying repeatedly that all they want is an aadhaar with Amex city address, you can do that...

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Maybe they changed their policy in past few years.

I got 2 add on card issued and delivered before covid to family members living in non Amex issuing cities.

I was even allowed to update my Amex address to a non Amex issuing city and was told they will deliver a new card to me if the old one expires.

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