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[Upcoming] Big Billion Dates Announced

Deal Subedar
Thu 7 Oct 2021 12:00 AM – Tue 12 Oct 2021 11:59 PM

Source : Flipkart Seller Panel

If required, i can upload all upcoming seller panel screenshot.

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No need of Seller pannel details, these details already we can see from some places in app itself.

Check above ss.

These are all not valid proofs for posting in deal sections.

Official Flipkart Banner only allowed.

@bumblefoot is it allowed to post seller panel details here?

Moving now to DND.
Check it and decide further..

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Start date was available but end date?

Seller portal of flipkart is more relevant than news website links.

Rest @bumblefoot can decide, if you need can post all 14 category offer as proof.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Siddhartha07 wrote:

Fair nuff now? @soyoozms

Yes yes🙇🏻 98.98% fair👍🏼.

To recoup the residual 01.02% … this deal should be moved out of ‘Dost and Dimes’ to the phLIcking “archived” (hidden/ deleted) sub-section.

Because that is where the fLIcking traction and visibility (‘hotness’, views, comments, likes) will come.

This is typical of our society at large.
First shoot oneself in the foot.
Then start talking about the 💇🏻hair-do💇🏻‍♂.. in an attempt to forget about the “self-inflicted” injury and/or to pretend that there is nothing wrong with the bl⦾⦾dy bleeding foot.

No @Siddhartha07 bhai no. The story is NOT whole. You haven’t yet got an apology (even a token fakish one like im Bigg Brotherr type shows) from me.
You.. who had barely been 2-3 months here, would vociferously post deals here.. on Desidime.

I (who has attained numerous mokshas since @madmonk ) was curious and happy.. since you did not seem like some (on remuneration or content curator) like @sinha.vipul ..but rather a normal, genuine user and deal poster.

But by habit… or after yourselves witnessing DesiDime ‘norms’.. you too would post ‘freebies’ deals in HDO.

I, who is often usually pretty curt (even if not sarcastic), after proding you lightly (via karma logs or an odd comment).. had once said something.. on one of your deals.
[I will get you @siddhartha07 the exact post ID and/or timestamps of the (now removed) post of mine. And obviously here too, I am pretty much making THE SAME points. Like the deals being in the wrong section. And in this instance, it is not due to the Deal posting Dimer faltering.].

It (my) then post ended up getting five (5) or may be 7 likes.

Those likes were not from me or anyy multiple/shadow accounts.
But you had no way to know.
It had hurt you.
Hurt you ..perhaps on more than one front.
You had questioned yourselves.. as to what purpose is being achieved by you even being here.
You were hurt that obviously some N people had agreed with me (you Siddharth had seen the likes only and spoke of it).
Lekin jaisa hamesha hota hai.. bhutta🌽.. khaas kar ke sweetcorn ..sekne ke liye log hamesha tayaar rehte heiN.
Jinko aapke kaan👂🏼 bharney they.. @SIDDHARTHa07 unhoney aap ke kaan👂🏼 bhi bharey.
Ki woh “likes” tou khud usney hee bana diye honge.

Your third and perhaps the main hurt was with the tone and texture of the comment/ my comment itself. (Of-course 🤗you🙂 couldn’t have fully grasped my point of reference and surely not my nerdy or weird writing style).

Your fourth self doubt was… whether your success is your enemy (you probably had some third milestone back then.. but close to the fourth jump in karma ranks)..
So your fourth self questioning was.. ki kya meri success hee mera bada hurdle bann gayi hai.
You never said it in open forums.. but you did feel as to .. all this (the then) meteoric rise of yours was rubbing people the wrong way.
Or how would ypu handle it (if their is some jealously).

Lots water has flown under the bridge since @SiddHartha07 and not once could zi get myself to communicate with you/ express all this to you…. or the opportunity never presented itself thus… or the floating accounts kept floating.

But 😇Siddd😊 for the story to get “whole”, one would NEED to .. firstly, not shoot self in the feet.
And still if shot and critically injured.. then to NOT fool oneself by distracting self with the 💇🏻hair-do💇🏻‍♂.
And ⚠️𝑴𝑶𝑺𝑻 𝑪𝑬𝑹𝑻𝑨𝑰𝑵𝑳𝒀 𝑵𝑶𝑻⚠️ to let the bleeding/ septic/ pus infused wound unattended.

Saahab.. agar peit (stomach) ..ek disputed structure todd kar.. uss jagah ek naya.. aalishaan controversial structure bana dene se.. peit (stomach) roti maangna chhod deta.. tou main khud.. roj ek “vivaadit dhaancha” gira kar .. dusiyoN naye SeetaNiwaas banata!<,br>

@SiddharTha07 the story would have been “whole”, had the person whom you called upon on Tuesday, September 21, 2021 at around 14:55 or the person whom @stella.dmonte654 too had pointedly requested (for the deal to be given its rightful place) or any other one.. would have set this deal back to its rightful place.
unfortunately That did not happen.

Ans although I am no Mohandas Karamchandji Modi or Narendra Damodardasji Gandhi.. tou launch and mobilise a ‘crusade’ or be a sham mahatma or sham ‘fakir’…
rarer as it may.. I still do.. at times.. speak
perfectly aware as I am.. yhat neither my efforts/intentions… nor their willingness (to change, to improve) would ever have even the Lowest common denominator.

Much appreciate your time and efforts. _ /|\_ @SiddhArthA07 🙏🏽

Have a fruitful, yet peaceful weekend.

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