bjp govt caught red handed with planting evidences against human rights activists

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rini50 knew this all along but to read full evidences from 2 leading neutral European (they did one with RSS funding and spreading of mass fake news against activist groups in India and jumlas with Pakistan) and US sources back to back this year was blood chilling.Even the judiciary is fully sold out. Arnab spoke the truth at least in his chats.

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Link Copied
rini50 wrote:

And serial petition writer and british mole is a “veer” rolleyes

And he is Manmohan Singh!

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rini50 wrote:

I think he’s paid to spam hatred here too otherwise he/she would be busy only in twitter/youtube/fb.
Thank god, Tumblr’s owners were not as greedy as google/fb’s.
That was the only popular site that blocks anyone who spreads malignant/fake posts.
I hope they’re still doing it.

On the contrary, the reason he is spamming non-fb/twitter places might be that he isnt being paid anywhere? The frustration. Or may be out of genuine love for their daddy, not yet willing to believe that he’s being taken for a big ride.