CAG Findings/Recomeendations on UIDAI/AADHAR

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‏‏CAG findings on UIDAI

CAG findings on AADHAR

▪︎ UIDAI did not have a system to analyze the factors
leading to authentication errors.

▪︎ UIDAI did not carry out verification of the infrastructure
and technical support of Requesting Entities and
Authentication Service Agencies before their appointment.

▪︎ UIDAI is maintaining one of the largest biometric
databases in the world; but did not have a data archiving
policy, which is considered to be a vital storage
management best practice.

▪︎ UIDAI provided Authentication services to banks, mobile
operators and other agencies free of charge till March 2019,
contrary to the provisions of their own Regulations.

▪︎ UIDAI did not penalise the Managed Service Provider for
failure to achieve the expected service levels in the
performance of biometric solutions.

▪︎ Monitoring of the information system operations of
authentication ecosystem partners was deficient to the
extent that UIDAI could not confirm compliance to its own

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