Calling plan vs daily data plan

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I can see many threads where people are running for call plan tricks to enjoy unlimited 5G, especially Jio users.

With my experience, do not go for the calling plan; it backfires very badly.

I started using 5G in November 2022, and as soon as I got 5G Unlimited, I started recharging my calling plans, sometimes the 155 plan and the 395 plan.

But seriously, it backfires very badly. 5G is not everywhere and is not constant. As soon as the network loses 5G, it starts consuming 4G data.

The 6 GB of data used gets exhausted within 1 month to continue for the next few months. I have to do data plan recharges from 15 to 60, sometimes even for 100.

  • I calculated that the price was around 200 per month. 
  • sometimes very bad situation where my data got exhausted and I could not recharge even my data plan 
  • even an instance where I cannot open an online ticket to show TT, which is another embarrassment. 
  • And finally, every 28 or 84 days, I look for offers and waste hours of time even rupay card can not help as we can do only with myjio app this recharge

Then I calculated the yearly plan, just paying Re.1 extra every day for approx. 365 days. I could have enjoyed 2.5 GB of daily data for 365 days + peace

I repeat, it is my experience. Other people can have other opinions, but for better and without worrying about go for daily data plans

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Jio Smartbazaar in our town doesn't have 5G coverage. I wasn't able to make UPI payment as I didn't had 4G data. 

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Yes me also faced in places where 5g does not work

Thats why I did my last for 3 months @ 566 using rupay card

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agree with OP as it's terrible for areas where 5G is not stable as it's not a wise option to manually select "Jio 5G" from the operator select option in mobile settings as it's not available all the time so has to be Auto Select or even if you manually select 5G I could see 4G at times and no 5G displayed in settings, second issue is the data balance exhaustion, had around 2GB of 4g balance and was in 5G network, then got a sms saying 90% of 4g balance is out and no idea when it switched to 4g and used 4g for data 😌

best would be to wait for jio to make 5g chargeable and have 5g plans just like 4g as they are clever as if you do that then you are required to provide that (5g) service to customers in a stable way which is not feasible right now and are cleverly fooling customers especially this tariff hike as am sure more than 50% of users' base would have recharged for next 1-2yrs by now and thereby increased their revenues.. so better to stay in 4g until 5g stabilizes for those who don't have a proper 5g coverage..


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