Can I use epan for video kyc or in bank ?

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Opened an account in HDFC, but bank hours same as my new job so can’t get leave. What’s the earliest time I can go in the bank?

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I think they ask you have a physical copy of pan card during video kyc. They will also ask you to sign on a blank paper(the signature you have in ur pan card).

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Kochiro wrote:

can I show them printed epan ? @xxxyyyzzz

You can give that a try, it’s equally valid as it’s issued by the government sweat_smile.
But they have some serious attitude issues so totally depends on the person you’ll be dealing with.
They insist on original pan card only, recently faced this with SBI, Axis and HDFC.

As you only have e-Pan, nothing much to think about. Pay a visit to your branch and see how it works out.
They should do it imo. I had physical pan during sbi and axis so didn’t mess around much but my recent interaction with HDFC was ugly. They settled for Xerox copies after i insisted that i won’t comply to bringing original pan.

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If you visit branch they accept epan as well.
But in video VKYC they need physical pan card with Sticker in it which can’t be in epan.