Can we trust and invest in Phonepe's Wealth Baskets?

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Please share your thoughts

Are wealth baskets are better than Mutual Funds. What's the best for higher returns.

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its nothing new, its just a branded version of "group of SEBI registered advisory" FOUND IN OTHER STOCK MARKET PLATFORMS like motilal ... etc... hmm similar to themed bucket of buying shares SIMILAR TO how SMALL CASE WORKS

I think not much useful:) UNLESS YOU HAVE LESS TIME TO REARCH YOURSELF ON STOCKS better to read and invest yourself:) on stocks BUT NEED LOT OF TIME TO INVEST REGULARLY smile

PhonePe announces the launch of its Stock Broking platform Share(dot)Market

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Mf are way better, has risk well diversified.

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Can we trust and invest in PhonePe? Fixed that for you smile

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