Can we update 2 separate mobile numbers for credit card and net banking

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For hdfc and icici bank , i want to link netbanking to my primary number and credit card to my secondary number. Is it possible ? How ? 

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Send mail to cards team and ask. In netbanking, you can register/remove card by yourself...

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I don't think it is possible. Basically, you want netbanking otp to come to one number & cc otp from same bank to come to another number which is something I have not seen before.

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I think it may be possible with ICICI. Check with your Relationship Manager. If they say it is not possible there is a workaround - Get an ICICI add-on card in a family member's name and specify your alternate mobile number on it. My brother has an ICICI add-on card with me bring the primary cardholder. Both our cards have our individual mobile numbers. This add-on card workaround is useless with HDFC since they issue add-on cards with the same card number and thus the OTP always goes to the primary cardholder.

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