Do you use Apple Account Balance?
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Apple Fan -> Trick to use Apple ID Account Balance to buy "other gift Cards" with discounts?

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Hello Dimers,

I received 10% offer for Apple Account Balance 

1) but where can we use this apple account balance to get gift cards? 

2) i would like to double dip this 10% to another 10% to get 20% is that really possible with apple account balance?

Please do comment smile your suggestions:)

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Any good use of this Apple account balance?? would be nice to know:P

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ah less apple users in DD?

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Not really. Most apple users just buy iPhone for showing off, then use it like an old Nokia phone joy.

IPhone doesn't even come with the snake game! smile

But when you say the truth(that they don't get much use from it), They will come at you with full force with words like security, safety and quality.

Very few people who own iPhones, actually know how to get the best performance out of it.

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hahahahahaha very very true:)
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