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Cancel standing instruction for hotstar if subscribed using ICICI Credit Card

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I received an email about some policies changing regarding the auto deduction for subscriptions. I remember I had cancelled the Hotstar plan from the site itself. But apparently it wasn't cancelled. To cancel this, I had to spend Rs. 4 each to cancel each subscription.

Note - Policies change time-to-time. This is thread is valid as of 25 September 2022. Pasting steps for your reference:

  1. Go to internet banking and login >> Go to Credit Cards
  2. Go to Manage your card

3. Go to standing instructions:

4. >> No, Manage for other merchants >> click Proceed >>  Fill the card number which was used for the subscription and click login



5. Pay 2 Rs. to see any standing instructions on this card.

6. You will see all your standing instructions. Manage accordingly. They charge 2 Rs. again for the cancellation. Fill the OTP and it will get cancelled.

I had two standing transactions from Hotstar, so I cancelled both. Hope you find this information useful and in time. (Pardon any grammatical mistakes)

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