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I had an inspection done for my car for which I was been put round in circles and after a week inspection was done. Once this was done same day in the evening I got a call from their team stating that approx you'll get Rs 20-30k for your car and then the other person called me next day that amount is not fixed as there will be bidding on your car. Then the next day i got a call that the bidding for your car is not done and will be delayed. Today got a call stating that the bidding will not happen as your chasy number is not visible and the amount you'll get will be Rs 29k as it is a scrap car...The car is well maintained were the words of the inspection officer and the people sitting in the office told it is not good condition car....There is no coperation, no proper communication, no proper behaviour of the people as they will be rude, no proper price at all. Their tagline best price for your car is not at all right, infact their tagline should be worst price and worst satisfaction will give you. My humble request to all is that sell your car to local dealers rather than to this bunch of crap company.

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All car buying selling companies like cars24 etc.also do same shit.stay away from dealers too, they will fill ur mind with negativity to get the price down. Try to find a buyer urself by posting on several platforms.
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Tried all these so call online services to sell used cars and all they are good for is to spend tons of money on ads. Gave pathetic quotes for my 8 year old Grand i10 which were at least 35% less than what I could sell it elsewhere eventually.

best offer was from cars24 at 2.2L whereas local dealer offered 3.7L but process was lengthy. Eventually gave it away to Tata motors used cars showroom that gave me 3.5L and with a seamless process. 

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Did you try cars24 , carwale, cardekho or spinny?

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