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I just got SBI CC and now I’m getting calls for CPP- Card Protection Plan. 

CPP will cover all debit n credit cards. ₹1899 for fraud coverage upto 1 lakh & ₹2499 for fraud coverage upto 2 lakhs. There are additional benefits as well.

Are these CPP worth it? Also Share your experience if you availed any claim under CPP.

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It should be Bank responsibility to prevent fraud transactions. Ask them next time, if someone makes unauthorised transaction at your card, and you haven't bought their protection plan, won't they help? I guess if we inform bank of any such transaction within specified time, user is not liable.
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Its not as straightforward. There are lot of tnc in banks coverage.
Also, its not an ideal world. They want to push their CPP product.

I just wanted to know if CPP are worth it?

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Scam don't pay holding almost 12 credit cards rearly happend also most bank have this flagg thing also there is always principal nodal officer mostly they helped me

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