Cashback card with FD

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Any bank issuing cashback credit card with FD as security?

Im looking for SBI cash back card type of card. 


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SBI CB card (5%)

Cashback as real money which is auto adjusted with your monthly statement ( takes +2 days after the statement generated)

Amazon Pay ICICI ( 5% )

Cashback as Amazon pay balance

Which you can use as shopping and other utility payment also various matchants those who support amazon wallet

HDFC Millennia ( 5% )

Cashback as real cash points which you can claim after reaching mini 500 and manually you have to claim

Tata Neu HDFC

Similar but as neu cons which can used within tata neu app only

Flipkart Axis Card (5%)

Cashback adjusted with the monthly statement

These are some credit cards which gives at least 5% cb

Snapdeal BOB card is also there which gives 20 reward points per 100 purchase on Snapdeal and 2-4-10 reward points in other platforms

And Reward points value is 25 paisa

Sadly none of these cards available against FD

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You can apply for idfc first classic card it is easy to get

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No other card like sbi cashback card, only somewhat decent card based on FD is sbi simplyclick advantage.

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Exactly waiting since many days .. hav same requirement but didn’t find a good card .. and moreover cant keep fd >50k.. so im in a dillemma.. what to do..
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