Catalytic converter cleaning

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offlate i see my santro car pickup has gone down drstically and also see a dip in mileage.

The hyundai service center guy said that  i need to change the catalytic filter that costs 28k.

however, after doing little google search i saw that the choking of carbon in catalytic filter might cause issue and cleaning it can help.

i am not sure if it can be cleaned for petrol cars as well or only for diesel?

Anyone suggest please. 

Also how about after market filters that come for cheaper rate?

i know catalytic filter contains rhodium etc costly things, but just wanted to know after market will atleast work for 5years?

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Always take second opinion in case of mechanics and doctors because their best interest is in getting more money from you. Ask in a good local garage. If his service doesn’t work then only do as suggested by showroom mechanic. After market products quality depend on company. You can check boodmo app for some idea. Also enquire with spare part seller (go to the biggest/busiest shop) in your city and mechanic about trustable brands.

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