CBSE removed some parts of the syllabus

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Mughals, cold war and ..

Your views?

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Entertainer Entertainer
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Bacche Khush aur unki Mummy bhi Khush 👍

Hotshot Hotshot
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bro divide and rule chalra hai

south vs north
religion vs religion
intellectuals vs you know who

Cool Cool
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Party yuhi chelegi sunglasses

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Teaching history and culture is necessary but to a limited extent on schooling levels. In my opinion, this is a good step if the focus of learning is shifted to some more meaningful subjects/chapters.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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good step. Indian should know Indian history ,before Mughal 😅.  Why Akbar the great , what great they did to our country😜

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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just check the topics removed, you’ll understand yourself , what is the purpose?

Non-Aligned Movement, Democracy and Diversity do you need reasons for them.

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