Cheapest laptop for a friend [Please Read]

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A friend recently got a job after a long time, however due to lockdown there is work from home for some time. Company is refusing to provide laptop/PC. A PC cannot be used since there is no space and I require a cheap Laptop which I can buy for him. Usage would be word, powerpoint & chrome sometimes together to present,

Are there any suggestions on this ?

Please do not suggest high end laptops. Suggest something within 25-26K. My friend is barely able to meet his expenses and I will have to pay for the laptop.

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11 inch chrome book from like hp for 19k or so… it does the work and works for most everything.

HP Chromebook MT8183 – (4 GB/64 GB EMMC Storage/Chrome OS) 11A-NA0002MU Chromebook (11.6 inch, Indigo Blue, 1.07 kg)

11.6 inch HD LED Backlit Anti-glare Display (220 nits Brightness, 45% Color Gamut, 73.8% Screen to Body Ratio) Light Laptop without Optical Disk Drive

With the HP Chromebook MT8183, studying at home becomes easy, fast, and convenient for students. This personal device features Buttons to quickly access Google Search, Drive, apps, etc. Also, it has the Voice-enabled Google Assistant for fast response, and it is easy to start.

Pre-installed G-suite Apps, Linux Kernel and Apps, Chrome Web Extensions, Google Play Store, HP Audio Switch, HP ePrint, HP Support Assistant, Dropbox


1. Try to find something cheap on Olx… Something thats still in warranty.
2. If you decide to buy a new one, don’t just think about the wfh thing. WFH will last for few months at max. What after that? Would the system no longer be required after that? Or may be required for some other purpose? Think accordingly and then decide the specs you want to buy.
3. If to be used only for few months WFH period, consider renting a laptop.


Lenevo reyzen 3 3250 laptop under 26k 😇
Or try to OLX 6 month old laptop (need to live big(metro or tech City) 😇


Thank you all for reading and replying.

@alienteck – Not interest in chromebook. Reasons below.
@Ram – Thank you for suggestions. Will look for something reasonable with a 3250
@cm4444 – All pertinent questions. Let me try to answer them. Post WFH say a three month period at max, it will still be used for those purposes + further study so looking to buy something new in warranty. Hope this answers
@vipin13 – Thank you for suggesting. Looking for deals on it now. If I get something within 3-4 days great, else will proceed with whatever is available.

Thank you all.


Since work nature is very basic , I will suggest you to buy resale from OLX rather than spend 25k on new.

If you must buy new then go with Lenovo S145 , V15 or ideapad slim 3