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Hi Guys!
Recently posted a thread asking for reviews on BLDC Fans.
Now i need reviews on Kitchen Chimneys. I have done some research into reviews on online shopping websites and come to the conclusion that i should buy from these 3 (60 cm & 1200 m3/hr:

My first question is that out of these 3 only Elica is offering a filterless chimney (Seavy is also offering but the look is bad and also the oil collector is of plastic). I have searched online and couldn’t find a decent article as to what actually filterless chimney is and how is it different from other auto clean baffle filter chimneys?

Eurodomo has the most positive reviews among all chimney brands. Eurodomo is basically online only brand by Faber but they don’t have any filterless chimney (if it’s better than baffle chimney). Also they are not offering free installation kit which Elica & Seavy are offering.

Seavy is the cheapest among all 3 and also offering free installation kit. As mentioned above they too offer filterless chimney but due to the plastic oil collector i am not inclined to look at it. The only con with Seavy is that they are a local brand and some reviews on Amazon say that they don’t have proper customer care (just 2 mobile nos) so service can become an issue.

Kindly help me with the reviews if any
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I am using elica baflle filter chimney. Brought 4 years back. Motor once gone kaput.
The visiting rep wrongly marked my chimney getting used on inverter. But after a negative review finally motor replaced.
No problems after that. Though filter get jammed very easily.
I want to know more about how these filter less thing works?

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Can someone suggest a long lasting kitchen chimney that requires less maintenance and easy to clean?
I hear Mesh types are less complicated and easy to clean compared to Baffle, don’t know the truth though

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I am not looking for chimney, I am looking for washing machine

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int86 wrote:

I am not looking for chimney, I am looking for washing machine

Then you are in wrong thread.