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Chinese involvement in Hindenburg report? Senior lawyer Jethmalani's claim turns Adani saga into a spy thriller


Adani Hindenburg row: Senior lawyer Mahesh Jethmalani has alleged that a businessman with ties to China commissioned a report by Hindenburg Research, resulting in a significant decline in Adani Group shares in January 2023. Jethmalani claimed that Chinese spy Anla Cheng and her husband Mark Kingdon hired Hindenburg and used Kotak Mahindra Investments Limited to establish a trading account for short-selling Adani shares. This move, according to Jethmalani, led to substantial profits for them while causing financial harm to numerous Indian retail investors.

The Rajya Sabha MP also claimed their actions aimed to promote Chinese strategic interests by undermining an Indian corporate competitor. These activities were allegedly supported by the INDIA bloc under the guise of opposing "crony capitalism."

In a lengthy post on X social media platform, Jethmalani claimed that Mark Kingdon, the American businessman behind Kingdon Capital Management LLC, had hired Hindenburg to prepare a report on the Adani Group.

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BJP member.  You can ignore his dramatisation of the issue to divert attention from Adani to Heidenberg IMO.  They want to distract the point about SEBIs involvement in getting the shorts closed when the markets crashed.

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