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CIBIL Report Discrepancy - Need Help

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My CIBIL score has been reduced due to an entry in Loan showing Critical.. Indicated that I borrowed from ADITYA BIRLA F L and Re.1/- outstanding in March & April 2021. Current Balance showing Rs.777/-. I am using Ola Postpaid or any other pay later services.

2. I never applied for any loan but showing that NORTHERN ARC CAP sanctioned loan of Rs.2525 for a tenure of 0.25 year.

Can anyone help me trace through which channel the loan has routed. I have not taken loan from anyone. I am not using Amazon pay later, Flipkater pay later, Paytm, Mobikwik or Ola Postpaid.

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Report Discrepancy on CIBIL

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The ola money wallet is actually a loan they are creating on your name via idfc or aditya finance.. thats wat i saw in my cibil.. they opened a 30k loan on my name via idfc bank.
I checked with them n they showed detailed tnc of the wallet which mentions they will be opening loan account on our name.
Close ola wallet n then see in 3 months. The loan account will be closed.

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This is only for the ola money Postpaid service right? We can use ola money as a prepaid wallet without taking any loan right? Maybe you gave consent to open a loan account without realizing?

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Nowadays RBL is also troubling a lot. 2-3 days back they called for cookies card which wud have 10% lifetime off on amazon n flipkart. This was a certain fluke for me n i told him to show where its written on website or link. It was mentioned 1k/5k voucher of amazon if u spend 1lk/5lk in 1 yr.. i told him to share his id n company name n he apologized n cut the call..
So its all bluff time these days

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A bit late to post (by about 1 year) smile but are you by any chance using Uni card? It shows up as a loan from NORTHERN ARC CAP.

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thank you bro for the help
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Ovirdu Pamint 

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