Clothing purchase survey

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This is small survey to understand how people(men) prefer to shop clothes.

Please answer as below:
  1. Age
  2. Number of pairs per year.
  3. Shopping pattern (bulk purchase/ one or two pairs per shopping)
  4. Preferred mode (online/offline)
  5. Specific website/store
  6. Additional comments if any.

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Talk-Of-The-Town Talk-Of-The-Town
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₹100 paytm kroge to batauga stuck_out_tongue

Comrade Comrade
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1. 25
2. Pants (1-2) Tshirts 10+😜
3. 3 pairs of Tshirts (200 wala) every two months
4. any
5. Max fashions

6. if u r a fashion designer and planning on entering this industry
my preferences are (Stretchable jeans, skinnyfit, smooth fade etc)

try to sell ur brand clothes by marking size a step down (i mean if actual standard size is L for a person then sell M in ur brand with same size) men feel a bit skinny based on the size they purchase and u may get more repeat customers.

Beacon Beacon
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  1. Above two years old.. Sorry i can't count past two.
  2. Zero. Who wears clothes. I am a Macho man

As said above, i can't count past two. So not answering anymore questions

Benevolent Benevolent
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Nothing .. .In mercy of DD tshirts that can be won in competitions.

Tech Guru Tech Guru
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1) Age: 25- 125
2) Pairs/ Year: 0-10
3) Retail
4) mode: Online
5) Flipkart, Myntra, brand site
6) comment:

A) Most apparels are bought only when there's good discount.

B) Measurements and material information is very important to me

C) I prefer to pay extra premium for higher quality of fabric, cut and stitching

D) DON'T look at the just MRP, apparel and shoe MRP prices are always inflated.

E)   I prefer comfort and longevity over everything else.


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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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20+ tshirts & shirts, 8+ jeans, trousers

One or two pairs per shopping

Mostly online,  offline zara, h&m

Myntra, Zara, H&M, flipkart

Shop Products at 40-50% Discount joy

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