CNBC awaaz found to be doing fraud with investor @hemant ghai .Buying stocks one day before and selling immediately after recommendation

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SEBI convicted him and his family

ALL bloddy frauds ..playing with ppl money .Made almost 2.95 crs at the cost of ppl ..Use to sell stocks immediately 1 mins before recommendation
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Never follow these recommendations blindly.

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I was reading a technical analysis book some days back…first thing the author mentioned for long term equity success was to never act and invest based on tips from these business entertainment channels/ magazines / newsletter or any known person…by following these tips one may make some short term success but it will one day fizzle you out from market…this eventually leads to demotivation…but if u teach yourself the art of investment by learning general technical analysis…you will find permanent path for long term equity success without anyones advice.

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I hate their stock predictions from the beginning I always smelled something fishy in CNBC aawaaz recommendations , never ever follow tips of these thugs
Finally good news came today