Come up with ur ideas on gold investments

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Hi guys, come up with ur ideas. how someone invest in gold in sip. which option will be better and why ?
Like can we buy from safegold but price in buying and selling having lots of difference
Can we buy gold etf then what will be the taxes and other
Can we buy it in the firm of buscuit
Can we buy it from bank
and many other

Just come with ur ideas keeping in mind this is just for investment purpose on monthly basis for around 20 to 25 years time frame.

Also, do not come up with any other investment ideas apart from gold pray

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Call him

Try Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB)s too. Also, so much information in DD regarding Gold. Just search.

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Buying n Selling price difference is there because of spread. And it’s a real thing among all commodities. 🙂
Safegold gives 995 gold, MMTC PAMP gives 999.9 gold I think. 🙂
1) physical investment
2) SGB investment via banks or from market

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Buy gold 24k 999.9 purity from amazon or Flipkart when on offer you may get for almost 100rs less on market price if you are lucky

Then deposit those coins in hdfc or similar bank for 2.25 to 2.5 percent annual interest

So for illustration purposes only

Gold today rate 24k 999, 4700
Gold on sale 24k 999, 4600
Profit 100 Rs I. E. 2%

Deposit gold in bank (check for min qty) and get 2.5%

So for 1 gm of gold min 1 Yr you are earning min 5% appreciation and chances are gold may move anywhere between – 5% to +20% in the coming year

This seems safest as of now