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coronavirus cases increasing too fastly… becoming /turning risky day by day hushed

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pentiumd wrote:

i got corona & its gone now.

no symptoms or issues like fever cold.

corona is the biggest SCAM of the millennium.

The whole world coming together to scam ? Is that even possible ?

Just because you dont know about the virus or the disease, it does not give you the license to spread ignorance about it.

visitorpass wrote:

How many people are/were being “reliably” tested PER MILLION (ten lakh people) at the peak (when testing was maximum in Bharat)?

So, if not even 7-8% of the populace is tested (while ‘contact tracing’ of even the known cases is a farce) and asymptomatic cases being a fact:
all these stats/ ‘curve.. this that’ mean little. real numbers of those directly affected might never be known, but are surely manifold than the publically acknowledged figures.

listening to people say (our domestic helps saying) “…there was no corona in our village/ locality…”  simply makes a little part of me die, every time i hear/ overheard such ‘claims’.

as for,
Indians in general, being casual (chalta hai, jugaad), not being systematic, not being disciplined, not maintaining civic sense (as a corollary not respecting rules, laws nor abiding by them) is not surprising.

So yes, people playing kabbadi (touching each other) or being ignorant about hygiene, not following strict protocol (disregard for public safety, even with something as simple as masking up) aren’t that surprising.

Although even i am not immune, and
it can be really unsettling to be a ’mute’😒spectator to such things being done by people buffoons and baboons who wield power, influence.

because then 🐗they🐒 not only set the wrong precedent, but also end up legitimising their acts and omissions, as being okay.😫😰
Such acts and omissions from those who anoint themselves to the high pedestal are NO LESS criminal than being involved in premeditated homicide

Even in US, trump supporters are doing it openly. 🙂 It’s happening in almost every part of the world

cadence wrote:

There are many people in my knowledge who are not going for tests despite having symptoms ( small city with no private labs). These are educated people with decent income. Imagine how many of daily labourers or people in remote villages are not getting tested. Numbers are much higher…

Now even service providers (carpenter, electricians) in smaller cities don’t wear masks unlike a month back. Our health infrastructure is not the greatest but even countries with robust health facilities like US are reporting big numbers. People have to show collective initiative. I mentioned earlier that center, state, district & individual – all have to ensure they’re taking steps to curb virus.

It’s not just about infection but more troublesome is the reinfection scenario. A young public figure was infected 3 months back in my city & now he has tested positive again. Reinfection poses  lot more questions for scientific community. A healthy person with no symptoms initially may develop issues if he is infected multiple times due to viral load & other factors. If vaccines are not effective long term then reinfection can open a Pandora’s box.

There is this rumour that, if you have common cold and then get tested you ll test positive. This contributes greatly to the woes of the common people.


SSR ke suicide karne se itna pareshan hai Anpad Goswami, oh sorry Malik ki pedigree Kha.raha hai to usi ki gaa raha hai logon ka mind divert Kar Raha hai bas
Hazaron log lockdown mein Mar Gaye uski kisi ko parwaah nahi Kya wo insaan nahi the

drupal wrote:

SSR ke suicide karne se itna pareshan hai Anpad Goswami, oh sorry Malik pedigree Kha.raha hai to usi ki gaa raha hai login mind divert Kar Raha hai bas
Hazaron log lockdown mein Mar Gaye uski kisi ko parwaah nahi Kya wo insaan nahi the

True. Goswami is trying to be Jasoos 😂


Sunlight, fresh air, good food and exercise are needed for your immunity system. Besides sanitizing religiously, one must moisturize hands as alcohol dries up skin fast, if does the above things then maybe they ll stand a chance against Corona, may or may not be.
One must admit that there have been polarizing views on Covid, all over the world. Devgru operators are calling out against the masks, the lockdowns etc. And on the other hand doctors are being forced to do their duties, which I sincerely commend.
And honestly nation wise lockdown was a good idea, but it was aimed towards 20-30% elitists, poor people lost their business, income. Govt helped them, there is no doubt that. But the dichotomy between suffering of rich n poor was sooo contrasting that I went mad. Example, rich ll be like we are here with no sunlight, poor will be like we have rice n daal for breakfast, lunch n dinner. Rich ll be like we have no social gatherings, poor ll be lke our entire savings are gone. And our govt is not that rich to support all for indefinite period. Otherwise they ld have to bring loans n etc. When a 3% mortality virus ll cause so much trouble to 70-80% of population, then plight of 30-20% percent can be ignored, majority wins, democracy wins, the republic defeats though.
What’s the solution then?
Let’s not panick
We ll volunteer to take tests n must volunteer for Covid vaccine trials if possible
We must get our daily dose of sunlight, fresh air, fresh food if possible, exercise, yoga, prayer
Most importantly let’s keep an open mind. Top tier soldiers, who faced deaths everyday for almost 247 during their tours, are expressing their dismay openly. And let’s not forget the plight of poor people.*
Polarizing views are appearing on scientific society too, so I ll try to update as soon as I get some news, but then I might not. I don’t express my contra views openly. I mean I take responsibility for the people who read my article seriously. I can’t jeopardize their health because of my ego satisfaction. Same should be exercised on both parties, both contra n assertive parties.
Stay safe guys

bikidas2060 wrote:

@guest_999 @malikcool @BubbleBoyChickenLittle @mrKool_JJ @rajrocks @adrishya guys it’s a sad thing to see 😔😔😔

Sad indeed, just like how a little bit of dirt can spoil the entire milk even if it is still indeed milk but with impurities. No doubts about corona but these fake tests/fraudsters(which btw is just another opportunity in these times for many people in India) surely give those who don’t believe a boost in their conviction(aka social echo chambers). Tomorrow if some even more deadly virus emerge with 10% mortality rate even then you will find similar fraudsters in India & going by this logic you can be assured that every pandemic that ever happened or will happen is a scam in India.


Minister of State for Railways Suresh Angadi passes away in AIIMS, Delhi. He was tested positive for COVID19: AIIMS Top official